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Two years ago, the State of Maryland instituted a program called the Maryland Child Care Credential. It is a tiered program where providers 'climb' the ladder as they achieve hours of training above and beyond what is required by licensing requirements. As the level of credential rises, providers must also have 'professional' units as well. These units are achieved in various ways, by Association Memberships, holding Office for the Association, volunteering as Chair Person for conferences, becoming a trainer, etc. Providers enter the tier as a level 2 and work their way up to level 6. After maintaining a level for one year, there is a monetary reward system in place. Due to the recent budget cuts, rewards for levels 2 and 3 have been cut. In March I submitted all my information to The Office of Credential in Baltimore and in April I was awarded a level 5! I am very proud of this achievement, as this is a direct reflection on the hard work that I have done and my desire to maintain a quality Child Care program. More information can be found about this on the Maryland State Family Child Care Association website at http://www.geocities.com/msfccaonline

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